Replacement Square Bowls for Dog Feeder

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Set of two, replacement square ceramic bowls for wood feeders.

Replacement ceramic bowls for Meshidai or Bowser Artisan Feeders 

XS: 4.25in. x 4.25in. x 1.75in. | Volume per bowl 3/4 cup
S: 5.25in. x 5.25in. x 2.25in. | Volume per bowl 1 cup
M: 7.25in. x 7.25in. x 3.25in. | Volume per bowl 3 3/4 cups
L: 10in. x 10in. x 4.25in. | Volume per bowl 8 3/4 cups 

  • Lead free; dishwasher safe.

  • Elegant and refined yet practical!

Simple, clean lines create a contemporary look.  fresh, white heavy weight ceramic bowls (lead free and dishwasher safe). 

square white ceramic bowls