Small Dog Carriers


    Each Dog Carrier offer shows the carrier dimensions to help you find just the right carrier for your dog. Purse Carriers or Pet Carriers with shoulder straps make it easy to keep your small dog by your side.

    For airplane travel with your small dog or cat, see our guide to size and other restrictions HERE

    Rolling Crates, Strollers and Carriers with wheels are ideal for traveling with your pet.



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    Why a Dog Purse?

    Using a Dog Purse allows you to move about with your small dogright at your side. whether you are walking the neighboor hood shopping, or spending the day at the park. A dog purse allows your dog to travel with you, while your hands are free to hold a latte and a cell phone.

    What Size Dog fits in a Pet Purse? If your small dog fits in your lap, they may be ideal for a Pet Purse. Many dogs under 15 pounds will fit into a pet purse. see product details for specifics.