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      Dog Bowl Decisions

      Finding the perfect dog bowl for your four-legged best friend can be daunting. But with the right information, you can make the right choice. Consider four main topics: size, height, material, and design to ensure maximum comfort, convenience, and longevity. With our tips, you can make sure your pup's bowl is a long-term fixture in your home.

      Choose a mealtime accessory that speaks to your style: Metal Dog Bowls for a classic and durable look, or Ceramic Dog Bowls for a more stylish and decorative touch. Crafted from impervious steel and glazed ceramic, these bowls will provide years of reliable service, no matter how enthusiastic an eater your pup is. Your dog deserves the best - so you can trust these timeless bowls to last.

      Our Wood and Metal Bowls are the perfect combination of beauty and durability. These modern bowls provide an unmistakable element of style, plus ultimate protection and longevity. Pet owners can invest in a premium product that won't end up costing them more in the long run. Enjoy the elegance of wood and the resilience of metal – both designed to last.

      Above: The Artisan Double Dog Feeder by Bowsers is a favorite. It comes in multiple sizes for even big dogs. Also, 3 beautiful and distinct wood finishes: Fossil Gray , Walnut, and Bamboo. The ceramic bowls are of top quality.

      Cons: Metal bowls much like the stainless steel options are loud and can sometimes create unwelcome sounds. Wood bowls are durable but could become stained or warped with the amount of water that doesn't go into your dog's mouth. We all know dogs slurp and drool when they are drinking and this might cause damage to your wooden bowls.

      Raised Feeders

      This premium raised feeder is designed to bring health benefits to your beloved canine. With its elevated design, it promotes better digestion and can help prevent life-threatening conditions like Dog Bloat and Mega-Esophagus. Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing your pup is safe and healthy with this sophisticated must-have.

      This raised dog feeder allows your pup to enjoy their meal in a comfortable, ergonomically beneficial position. With a raised feeder, your pup won't drop as much food on the floor, allowing for easier cleanup. As an added benefit, your pup can swallow food more easily and may be encouraged to slow down. Research the best height for your pet and get the stability they need in the perfect raised feeder.