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Retractable Dog Gate

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A retractable pet gate may be the best alternative for you and your pet. Installation is required.

  • Dogs simply cannot climb over the gate
  • When locked, the mesh is held taut, so that it cannot be pushed down
  • This retractable dog gate has been used with just about every breed and has performed very well.
  • 34 inches, tall One of the tallest gates on the market.
  • The material used for this retractable pet gate is a tough vinyl and polyester composite mesh screen. The same durable mesh is used for truck tarps to hold down cargo. The mesh material is UV, mildew, and highly scratch/claw resistant and has been proven to stand up to use by dogs. 
  •  All the mounting hardware and screws are included for a typical installation.
  • See similar gate as low as $89.99

Note: Some breeds of very small dogs which are inclined to burrow and dig. For these types of dogs, a rigid metal gate may be a better option. As tough as the mesh is, it will not have a long life if used for dogs with behavioral problems or ones which incessantly scratch and bite. If your dog can jump over a three foot fence, you will need something taller.
Mounting Details: Your retractable gate needs to be mounted on the same plane for proper use. If you have a baseboard that sticks out that you intend to mount it to, you will need spacer kit or make additional adjustments when installing. On each side of the opening, the bottom bracket mount is 3" off the floor and the top brackets mount about 31" off the floor. The brackets require a flat surface of 2.5" to mount properly. For mounting onto rounded stair posts or spindles, you will need the Banister Mounting Kit for stairs.
Banister mounting kit includes:
Extruded, weather-proof, banister adapter, four 29 inch attachment straps and hardware. One kit required per post or spindle.

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