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Elevated feeder RDB7 -large

Slow Feeding Raised Bowl Feeder

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If your dog is bending too far to reach the food or water bowls, or you have difficulty bending so far to fill the bowl, you should invest in a raised dog diner. This modern design features contemporary clean lines and a simplistic look. This elevated bowl diner looks great in your home and helps your pet eat and drink in comfort.
This diner features one regular stainless bowl and one slow feeding bowl.

  • The slow feeding bowl has a raised portion in the center forcing your do to eat more slowly
  • When your pet does not gulp food this can prevent digestive health problems.
  • Sturdy Feeder Frame is made in America
  • lncludes one 3 quart water bowl and one  2.5 quart slow feed food bowl
  •  20" x 12" x 10" (10" tall)

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