Ever-Hyydrate Filtered Pet Water

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Ever Clean Ever-Hydated Pet Water Bowl Smart Waterer features a 3-stage carbon filtration system which filters out and helps completely eliminate or screen any and all harmful chemicals and impurities found in contaminated or unfiltered water.

Internally each carbon filter features mesh screens with activated carbon and Ion-Exchange Resins, the device also features a filter-change reminded and will flash on the front of the device further reminded users when the filter unit needs to be changed.

An LED Blue Light reminder which automatically lights up once water thresholds dip below certain levels reminding users to re-fill, the water levels can also be viewed through the built-in see-through acrylic chamber.

This smart bowl is designed and engineered to remove any noises due to splashing as the infinity-flow concept guides the water flow through perforated holes that allow users to enjoy an ultra-silent experience in combination with the mini yet powerful built-in water pump. 

  • Normal mode allows continuously flowing water.
  • Smart Mode turns off pump to save energy
  • 4 anti-skid grips located hold bowl in place.
  • Easy-fill lid for quick water-refill
  • Includes a filter unit,  12V adapter unit.
  • Can fit approximately 2 Liters of water. 

 DIMENSIONS: Length 8" x Width 8" x Height 6.6"


  • Features a 3-stage carbon filtration system, filters our all bad chemicals 
  • Comes with replacement 6-month Carbon filters 
  • Silent water flow, features a silent infinity-like water flow 
  • LED blinks to alert you to refill once water levels dip below a certain level 
  • Energy efficient smart mode that automatically shut-off when not in use 
    Ever-Hyydrate Filtered Pet Water
    Ever-Hyydrate Filtered Pet Water
    smart water bowl
    Ever-Hyydrate Filtered Pet Water
    Ever-Hyydrate Filtered Pet Water
    smart water bowl