Gaseous Dog Hoodie

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Whimsical Dog Hoodie

Farting dogs are so much fun but it is best to warn others. Choose this whimsical "if only cars ran on my king of gas" graphic hoodie for dogs in large or small to fit any dog. 100% original. Printed in the USA.

  • Slit on back to attach leash
  • Clothing may help keep your dog more calm
  • Public Service Dog Hoodie
  • Double stitched for durability
  • Dog Hoodie for Large Dogs over 100 pounds
  • Use the sizing chart DONT GUESS ON SIZING. SIZES RUN SMALL 
  • Details:

     Not to be rude but, the dog has an odor. It's just part of their lovable personality. well OK maybe not but, we love 'em anyway. USA Manufactured design includes double stitching for comfort and durability, as well as a super soft interior for extra comfort.  Due to concerns with hygiene, we cannot take returns

gassy dog hodded sweatshirt - blue