Dog Palace Insulated House

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 House features up to 4 inches of insulation to keep your precious pet clean, warm and comfortable. The average non insulated dog house lacks proper insulation to keep your dog safe during cold weather. Rain and snow have both been shown to penetrate many models of plastic dog homes, making them useless unless the weather conditions are perfect. While weather is random, an outdoor dog house should consistently protect against the elements. EPS foam is installed throughout the plastic in each ASL Solutions Insulated Dog Palace, allowing your dog to maintain a higher temperature during colder weather conditions.


  • Outside: 38.5"High by 31.5"Wide by 47.5"Long 
  • Inside: 30.5"H by 24"W by 35.5"L
  • Suitable for retrievers, rottweilers and any medium dog and some large dogs. 

  • House Features:

  • Thick insulating foam (Styro/EPS) insulation in each and every panel
  • Easy pass-through, self-closing, well-fitted insulated door (not a "flap")
  • Easy to assemble - No special tools are required
  • Open /close windows adjust for winter summer use
  • Easy Clean Sloped Insulated Floor can be hosed out -Drain in floor
  • Your pet can see out while he rests in comfort
  • USA made backyard pet home keeps your pet clean, warm and comfortable
  • Removable bottom half door for initial training as needed
  • Heater cord portal (allows cord exit rear panel ) keeps dog/owner from tripping over electrical cord. Optional heating pad available

  • This USA Made Insulated House has several design features that optimize the comfort for your pet. Insulated dog house panels features thick EPS foam, an insulation material that works to keep your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. To ensure that the dog house’s floor provides a dry and warm bedding area for your dog, the floor is raised several inches from the ground.  Convenient sloped floor lets you can hose it down and let all the water to flow out from a drain hole. movable window panel can be adjusted for year round airflow and comfort with cross-ventilation position for summer. Outdoor Dog House has a door for easy entrance for your dog, and the bottom half of the door is removable when necessary and for training.

    Optional floor heating pad
    • Built-in thermostat and electrical fuse, contains UL/ROHS electrical components
    • Pad size: Large 18"x 18"
    • Provides a safe, low temperature
    • General purpose pet heat mat is designed for dog houses, kennels, shelters, garages and other outdoor environments
    • Electrical cord ports to exit the electrical cord from the rear of house
    • Use only with 110-120 AC properly grounded outlets
    • Outlet should have a ground fault interrupter (GFI) in circuit
    • Use floor heater only for intended use
    • Always unplug heater from outlet when not in use
    • Do not immerse cord, plug or heater in water or any other liquid
    • Do not puncture pad

    Protection from Extreme Temperature

    Laboratory testing found that in outside temperatures of 40°F, the insulated DP Hunter house remains at 70 Without insulation, the temperature drops to 45. for additional heat when temperatures drop even lower, Optional electric floor heater can be purchased to keep your dog extra cozy during the coldest winter weather.

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    Dog Palace Insulated House
    Dog Palace Insulated House
    Dog Palace Insulated House
    Dog Palace Insulated House
    Dog Palace Insulated House
    Dog Palace Insulated House
    Dog Palace Insulated House
    Dog Palace Insulated House
    Dog Palace Insulated House
    Dog Palace Insulated House
    Dog Palace Insulated House
    Dog Palace Insulated House
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