Pedestal Elevated Dog Bowl - Adjustable Height

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Iron Raised Dog Bowl

This raised dog bowl is well balanced height adjustable from 12 to 18 inches.  Heavy duty construction of this all metal feeder will please for many many years. 

Classic Black Steel dog bowl stand features a powder coated finish to keep it scratch free. The feeder can be raised as your dog grows (or to keep it away from the small dog!)

  • Includes thee quart or five quart embossed stainless steel bowl
  • Adjusts from 12 to 18" tall
  • See the 2 bowl Elevated Pedestal Feeder
  • Raised feeder may allow tall dogs more comfort while eating
  • Elevated bowls can keep floors cleaner 
  • You will not need to bend as far to the bowl to fill, clean
  • To raise or lower, loosen the thumb screw below the bowl and slide the bowl on the stand to the desired height.

Raised Dining Stations

For many Canines, a raised dining platform can prevent them from making as big of a mess during feeding as with a floor level dish. An elevated dog dish may prevent this, and some pet owners may opt to try them if their dog is a messy eater or drinker.

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