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Dog House News Blog — dog vaccinations-are they needed?

Does my dog need vaccinations?

dog vaccinations-are they needed?

An informed pet owner makes for healthy happy pets. Here are some "things to chew on" as a starting point. While prevention may hurt your wallet a little, treatment once infected, can be much more costly financially and emotionally.  Do your research and consult your local vet for additional information. What is a “DHPP” or “Distemper” vaccine? The distemper vaccine protects against 4 viruses: Distemper Hepatitis Parvovirus Parainfluenza There is a common misconception that the distemper vaccine improves your pet’s temperament.  In reality, canine distemper is much more serious than temperament; it is a widespread virus that causes high mortality in dogs.  Vaccination is important because...

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