Dog Gate Selection Guide

When buying an indoor dog barrier gate for your home, there are many features to consider other than just the look of the gate. 

 What type of pet barrier does your house need?  A puppy may require a different barrier from an adult dog. A large dog may require a different height gate than a small dog. Do you need to enter the restricted area a few time a day or frequently all day and night?

If you have a small or gentle dog you may be satisfied with a low freestanding gate that stays in place, so that you can step over


 These gates are self supporting and do not anchor to the wall.  These may be the perfect solution for an apartment as they are compact and do not leave marks on the wall. You can carefully step over them or, nudge them to the side as they are fairly lightweight. These type of gates come in sizes for average doorways or wider models for wider expanses.

Tall freestanding gates for doorways and hallways are tall enough to discourage most dogs who want to leave or enter a room. Tall freestanding wood gates are lighter weight than metal gates.

                         Extra Wide Freestanding Pet Barrier Gate

With a metal self standing gate your rambunctious pet is less likely to move it out of place. Can a heavy, jumping dog knock down a tall wood gate? Well yes, maybe. Positioning a wood gate properly, will allow it to become an extension of the wall and generally, it will stay put.  

Wood or Metal? Other than aesthetic desires, the material of the dog gate for your home will have a bearing on function. Wooden gates may blend well with your homes wood work but, are not the best for puppies or dogs that have chewing tendencies. All our wooden dog gates are finished with pet safe finishes so there is one thing you will not have to worry about.

Freestanding Wood Pet Gates get their stability from long perpendicular feet. Looking from top down, the barrier will form an "H" Some wood gates also form a zigzag pattern. From the top down it will make a "V" or "VVV" pattern if more panel are used.

Freestanding Metal Gates get stability from a "zigzag" pattern. From the top down the gate will make a "v"  or "VVV" shape

Pressure Mounted Gates  offer the versatility of a mounted gate but installs without tools and can be take down without much effort.


Padded bumpers push against a doorway frame or between two walls, to hold the gate upright. While there are no feet to contend with, there will always be a cross member support bar along the floor that you will need to step over.

Doorway or Hallway? All gates work well in an average size doorway while many will work will with wide doorways like "french door size" openings. If you have a unique situation such as an odd shape or expansive area you wish to block, some gates can accommodate extra wide areas up to 8 feet wide or more with the addition of extension panels. 

Wall Mount Pet Barriers offer added security and stability. This type of gate is ideal for safety at top of stairs because there is no bar along the floor to step over.

Also, no cross member along the floor means you can roll a wheel thru a walker wheel chair, etc.


 These gates are desired for use at top of the stairs. While requiring some installation they are generally pretty easy to install.

 A popular wall mount gate is the retractable dog gate design which opens and closes like a "vertical window shade"

Outdoor Gates


Feel free to  browse all the gates to find the one that suits your home and your dog's needs. We have listed some of your most popular gates below:

Wood and wire gate is 20 inches tall (Small)  adjusts from 28" to 4 feet wide  (Large) adjusts from 39.25" up to 6 feet wide

32 inch tall wood gate forms a zig-zag pattern and comes in sizes to fit up to 36" or up to 72" wide. your choice of finishes.

Pressure mounted wood gate  width adjusts from 32 to 36 inches and up to 62 inches wide with optional extensions.

Wrought Iron designer gate pressure mount design easily installs and fits opening up to 40 inches wide

Width Adjustable wood gate  Feature walk thru door and opens to a generous 70 inches wide

X-Wide Steel Wall Mount can accommodate areas up to 100 inches across.

Steel Doorway Gate 36 inch tall and adjustable up to 38 inches wide - White orBlack