Most pet care professionals agree. The worst time to introduce a puppy to a new home is on Christmas morning.
Why you ask? Here’s some things to consider.

Tired Pippies at Christmas
Providing a dog with a new home is one of the most rewarding things you can do.
Remember that your decision to adopt is a 10- 20-year commitment to a live animal. This should not be done on an impulse. It's much more advisable to plan well in advance to add a pet to the family.

Hectic Holiday time is not your usual schedule.
Your pet will need to learn the household schedule. End-of-year festivities interrupt your usual schedule and demand extra time and energy.
Your new four-legged member of the family deserves to be introduced to a brand new, slightly scary environment without the added family chaos.

Cute Black Puppy at Christmas
Statistics show
Chances are, if you visit your local shelter in late January or February, you'll have your pick of pets who've already worn out their welcome as Christmas gifts. It happens every single year.
The weather outside is frightful.
Puppies and many adult dogs must be house trained upon arrival in their new home. The short days and cold, wet weather around the holidays are far from ideal. Waiting for warmer weather allows children to take on the duties since they are out of school for the summer. Without school and related activities to distract them, they'll have time to bond with a new pet, help with house and obedience training chores, feeding,accident clean-ups, playtime, dog walking.

A pet for a child shouldn't be viewed as a new toy.
A living creature shouldn't be considered the same kind of 'wow' Christmas gift as, say, a new bike or an Xbox.
Caring for a dog is a big responsibility and far different from getting a new toy that is taken out, played with, and put away again. It's important to impress upon a child the difference between her belongings and her pet, from the very first minute. Adding a dog or cat to the household is a big undertaking, so I would recommend to plan it not around the holidays.

Puppy at Christmas
When the Novelty Wears Off … There’s a Whole lot of Responsibility
Pets are a lot of work. They take a ton of time, money and energy. They also don’t stay tiny, fluffy, babies forever. More often than not, children who receive pets as Christmas presents don’t understand the responsibility that comes with them. This responsibility then falls to the already busy parents.

If you are well prepared for the responsibilities and costs associated with bringing a pet home, consider waiting until after Christmas. Buy a collar and place that under the Christmas tree as a representation of the future animal. Make the adoption of the puppy a family event so you are able to choose an animal that fits in perfectly. This will not only allow you to welcome your new family
member into your home in a calm and relaxing way.

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