Puppies Need Puppy Gear. What Supplies does my New Puppy need?

Before you welcome a new puppy into your home, you will want to prepare your home for the new edition and make it puppy friendly. Your new pup will need training and care, Here are some ideas to help ready your home for a new puppy or puppies.

Best Puppy Toys


Shop all sorts of engaging and fun dog toys. Fetch Toys, Interactive Puppy Toys, and Dog Feeder Puzzles. This Treat toy allows you to place treats or kibble in compartments of base. Cover treat compartments with bones. Let the games begin!

Best Food & Water Bowls for Puppies


 So many bowl options are available for any size puppy. A two bowl dog feeder provides a bowl for water and one for food. This diner offers a rust proof attractive design and starts at only 3" tall -Perfect for puppies. Customers reported these bowls stay put to prevent spills.

Best Elevated Puppy Bed

An elevated dog bed can keep your pet more comfortable and away from damp cold or buggy ground. The Coolaroo indoor outdoor pet cot can support up to 100 pounds. The durable indoor outdoor fabric is at home indoors or out.

Reviewers have praised this bed's durability and affordability.

Best Soft Puppy Bed



La-Z-Boy's exclusive human-grade upholstery, Texture chenille that helps conceal pet fur and wear and tear. Sitting a few inches off the ground, puppies can easily hop on and off the sofa and are protected from cold or hot floors while they rest. Pups love cuddling up on this luxury bed.

Best Crate for Puppies



The Richell Rolling Puppy Crate comes in small and large sizes and features a slide-lock system on door, top and base to provide extra security. Indoor dog cage features lockable wheels for ease of movement from room to room. 

Customer love the removable floor pan for easy cleaning.

Best Puppy Training Leash



Designed for medium and large dogs, this nylon training leash is 15 feet long and perfect for distance training and walks in the backyard and park. A nickel-plated clip will resist twisting when attached to a collar.

Reviewers rave this leash worked well during training, especially for larger dogs. 

Best Food Storage Container

 Easily store your dog food in a variety of containers and dog food dispenser to keep food fresh and make feeding time a no hassle event.

Best Puppy Sweater


Lovingly handcrafted warm knit dog sweater your dog and you will absolutely love! Chilly Dog Sweaters are 100% wool made in the Northern Highlands of South America by descendants of the Inca Indians.

Best Treats

USA Made Buddy Biscuits for Puppies and Dogs

Oven Baked Peanut Butter Dog Treats are the taste she will love. With a fun ginger-kid shape, these Simple Ingredients Puppy Treats contain corn, yeast, sugar, salt, soy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives—making them great for dogs with food sensitivities, as well. Pup owners indicate that these treats are puppy pleasers.

Best Puppy Collar



Your new puppy will need an adjustable collar.  Nylon Collar comes in 3 widths to fit most any dog. Nylon Puppy Collar with double stitched ribbon overlay is sure to keep your pooch comfy and safe.  

 Best Puppy Gate



Keep your puppy safely contained with a versatile barrier gate. Adjustable width gates for doorways hallways or even as room dividers. Customers recommend a metal pet gate for puppies who may still be teething.

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