Top 12 Activities to Celebrate National Dog Day August 26th

Top 12 Activities to Celebrate National Dog Day August 26th

Friday August 26th is National Dog Week. There are loads of things you can do to celebrate National Dog Day. Why stop at one day? Make it National Dog Weekend!  Read on to check out this list of the top 10 suggestions for how to celebrate Pooches across the Nation.

1) Volunteer at a local shelter.  Share your love of animals- cats and dogs alike at your local shelter. Shelters and the pets in the shelters would really appreciate a hand for ½ hour, half a day or more. Don’t feel intimidated because you are not an experienced dog person. There are 4 paws and a tail on the other end of a leash just waiting to go on a walk, be patted on the head. Spending time with a rescued dog can pay you back with a smile, sloppy kisses and more. If hand on is not your cup of kibble, helpers are often appreciated for office work, laundry, dishes, housekeeping work, painting, special events, fostering animals, and many more important responsibilities. Before you do any volunteering, you need to prepare yourself to work hard, devote your time, and potentially deal with animals that are ill or abused. Call, visit their website, or visit the shelter in person. See what the atmosphere is like, and observe how healthy and happy the animals seem to be. If you still think that this is the right place for you, ask for an application to be a volunteer. Most shelters will give you a form to fill out, along with a list of basic guidelines. Don't be shy! Ask the staff any questions you have about volunteering.

2) Visit a National Park -Free Admission August 25 through 28

The last full week in August celebrates the National Park Service Birthday. Here is a list of national parks which allow well behaved, controlled pet dogs. Please reach out before you go to under stand the rules and regulation of the park you have in mind.

Here are Some of the Best Dog Friendly National Parks:

  • Acadia National Park. Maine
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Cleavland Ohio
  • Grand Canyon National Park. Northern Arizona
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park. Southern Colorado
  • Hot Springs National Park. Arkansas
  • Mammoth Cave National Park. Kentucky
  • Shenandoah National Park Virginia

3) Visit a small local dog parks. Some are real special some are simply dog friendly. It is a great place to meet like minded people and allow your dog to frolic with other canines. Here are a few award winning dog parks.

Beau's Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park  Lancaster, Pa.

Fort Woof Dog Park at Gateway Park Fort Worth, Texas

Elm Creek Reserve Dog Park Maple Grove, Minn.

Fort DeSoto Paw Playground and Beach Tierra Verde, Fla.

Magnuson Dog Park Seattle

4) So you’re a city dweller. Hope is not lost.  Many parks in larger cities will have sections of the park just for dogs. Here are just 2 examples of dog activities in NYC. Check out Prospect Park Dog Beach  or Water4Dogs which allows you to swim with your dog. Also check out this list of Dog Hot spots in New York City. I am sure your city may have similar offerings.

5) Go shopping together in a pet-friendly store  Abercrombie and Fitch, Ross, Bath and Body Works, Lowes Home Depot, Pottery Barn, Nordstrom, Old Navy and many more stores allow well behaved dogs. Of Course you can visit most any pet store. Visit a pet store where you can let your dog pick out a treat.

6) Enjoy the simple pleasure of driving with the windows open or the top down

7) Make a doggie playdate with a friend's dog.

8) Play in the sprinklers.

9) Eat on the patio at a dog-friendly restaurant. Start your search here.

10) Take a Trip to a Pet Friendly Hotel.  DOGGYWOOD

11) Make Homemade Dog Treats

12) Play, run, or nap with your dog (or all three)

Without compromising their rules, some national parks have started Bark Ranger programs. This was originally meant to educate visitors with pets about the park’s rules. But the program has become so popular with guests collecting badges for their pets that it’s spreading quickly.

Learn more about the 49 national parks where your pup can become a Bark Ranger.

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