Dog Rescue Video

 Let me set the scene.

A pet owner is hiking with his 2 labs in Argentina. While on the walk, the owner was video taping the dogs romping around without a care. As his black lab ran for a stick he thru, he slips into the water and gets swept away in a fast running current. As the dog is swept down steam, the other dog runs to the shore to grab the stick in the other dogs mouth and seems to pull him to safety.

 see the video

The question on everyone’s minds is, did the yellow dog rescue the black dog? Or was he simply trying to steal the stick? 

If the yellow dog was trying to help the black dog, he showed both strength and problem solving skills. It seems entirely possible this could be the case since there have been many other stories of dogs showing loyalty to their fellow canine friends. And studies have shown dogs can solve complex problems.

Take a look at the video. What do you think?

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