Hi-Tech Gear for For the Modern Mutt

For all you gadget gurus. Don’t leave your pooch out of the plugged in world you love so much. Fun, fascinating or just plain silly, check out these Hi-Tech doggy gadgets.


 Disco Dog, a snazzy fashion vest stocked with 256 color-changing LEDs. The battery-operated vest can pulse or display messages to make your pooch stand out in the dark. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter. 

Bark Translator. Just imagine if you know what your dog was trying to say. That's the thought behind No More Woof, a dog translator that attempts to read a pup's brain waves and turn it into recognizable human speech. The project raised funds on Indiegogo in 2013.

Samsung $30,000 dream dog house includes a spay treadmill automatic paw activated food dispenser and ergonomic modern design.




 These ingenious doors keep out stray animals while allowing your pets the freedom to come and go without requiring you to act as your pet’s personal doorman. Automatic steel dead bolt lock and bulletproof door panel which, when activated by your pets (included) electric collar, quickly and quietly disappears into the stylish housing. The Power Pet door also features a unique directional sensing system that allows the panel to open only when your pet is directly approaching the door, not when your pet is just wandering by. This door is also completely safe for pets and children because the panel is closed smoothly and safely by gravity, not by the motor.  Learn More Here


              Sound Alert electronic fence –no shock.  Learn more at Hitechpet


Dogs can be gamers, too. The CleverPet game console for dogs challenges your fluffy buddy with a series of touchpad buttons. When the touchpads are triggered correctly, your dog gets a treat. The game starts easy then becomes more challenging, just like human games. This was also a Kickstarter that made its funding, and is supposed to start shipping soon.

How about a harness that mounts your movie camera? Lightweight and easy to use harness lets you see the world just like your dog does. The five different adjustments provide nearly a custom fit, and the chest pad makes sure that even if Fido misbehaves on the walk he can be controlled. Great fun!  You know you want one, and so does Fido!


*Mount Location by Camera Type: GoPro® - Chest and Back, Sony Action Cam - Back only

Learn more at http://officialdoghouse.com/products/pet-harness-with-camera-attachment

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