5 Reasons for a Dog Hoodie


Dog lovers who are more active during the night can make their dogs wear bright, visible hoodies in order to see them better.  A bright color Hoodie or Shirt becomes more important if you’re letting your pooch off the collar or when you’re traversing woodland terrain. Your dog’s fur serves as a natural camouflage among the dirt, sand and trees; without hoodies, you won’t be able to enjoy the walk as much as having peace of mind knowing exactly where your dog is.


You want to take your pet pooch out for a walk but then you’re worried that he or she might be tracking dirt, mud or snow into the house. Plus, you’ll have to give your dog a n unexpected bath, which you may not have the time for. Now, what do you do when your canine is literally handing you the leash or tugging at you to take him or her outside? Yep, have them wear a protective dog hoodie!

A hoodie solves several problems in taking your dog out for a walk. One, you won’t have to brush your pet when he comes back with all those dust, dirt, twigs and leaves clinging to his underside.  Two, if your dog loves to roll around in wet outdoor stuff such as dirty water, mud, wet leaves, then all you have to do is to take off the hoodie and wash it. Your dog gets one less bath and both of you will be happier!


A hoodie or sweater becomes a necessity for when you want to take your dog out for a walk during the colder months. If you pooch is small, advancing in age or has an illness, then the extra warmth goes a long way in making them more comfortable. Officialdoghouse carries Hoodies, shirts and Sweaters in XX Large sizes for large Dogs. Think about how you would wear clothing when you go outside- is it cold enough that you’ll need an extra layer? Then your dog should have one as well.


Additional clothing keeps your dog healthy and acts as a deterrent to harmful sources such as allergens, abrasive materials and from overexposure to the sun. It’s a wise move to carry a hoodie when you’re planning on walking on terrain or places where you never been before.



How cute would it be if the two of you are wearing matching clothing? You can dress up your best friend during special occasions and holidays for that extra “aww” factor. A dog hoodie can come in different designs and the hood themselves can act as a sort of headwear to complete the costume effect. Your pet gets to stay in the limelight as the canine belle of the ball or the stylish doggie gentleman!


For the perfect hoodie to keep your dog safe, clean, warm, and protected from the elements.  Check out the latest Dog Hoodies or Sweaters to keep your dog warm and ready for any outdoor adventure.

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