Dog Crate Training

Question:  Why Should I Crate Train My Dog?

Crate training is a great way to provide a sanctuary of sorts for your dog. With the right training, your dog’s crate can become his own safe haven where he feels safe and secure, making it a useful tool in raising a healthy dog. Crate training is often a key step in potty training your dog, but it can also be a great help with his overall training.

Making your dog’s crate safe and comfortable

Crates come in all shapes, sizes and materials. When choosing a crate, remember that it must be large enough for your pet to stand up and turn around. 

Dog Crates Types

Include your pet’s favorite things like toys, bedding etc. If you are training a new puppy, be careful when selecting the bedding. Puppies are more likely to chew up bedding, so select something that’s tightly woven. 

Dogs are social animals, so always keep the crate in an area where your family spends a lot of time, not an isolated area. Some pet owners keep a CD or TV playing to keep them company and calm them down while they are away.

Before placing your dog into the crate, always ensure she’s had social time, plenty of exercise and the opportunity to eliminate. If you will be gone more than four hours, consider a dog walker or a larger dog pen.

Learn the five steps for crate training your dog, and find out how to pick the perfect crate for your pooch.  Visit OfficialDogHouse/Puppy-crate-training.


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