My Rottweilers as a lap dog -Comments from Rottie parents

Do Rottweilers make good lap dogs?

Depends on what you mean by lap.  Sitting on your lap?  No, not really (unless you have a very big one), but they make up for it by being excellent bed dogs.  You’ll never sleep alone.  At to the other lap, yes, their tongue will drench you with pure love whenever they can reach a bit of your skin.They make wonderful pets, but can be dominant, so school is essential. The more attention they get, the more their innate intelligence will develop.And thank goodness, that horrible tail docking is finally forbidden in most civilized countries.

Below are some comments from "Rottie" guardians and what they have to say abouttheir experiences.

Hi, my name is Layla. Please don't mind me if whenever you pet me I put my whole 93lbs against your body and nearly push you over. Also, I have a strong tendency to sit on your foot ;). Now I'm gonna give it to you straight, I'm determined, strong, and want to do things my way so you're going to have to teach me to control that and If I think you got what it takes to lead me I will follow unconditionally. Just remember I like to use this jacked body Mother Nature gave me so be sure to take me on a brisk walk every day or I might get cranky. Don't worry about the cold, I once went swimming in the ocean here in NJ when it was 10 Fahrenheit and when I got out the salt water was freezing in my fur but it didn't slow me down one bit . I'm going to need you to show me to the world when I'm young so I can understand how good people and dogs are supposed to act so my natural tendency to protect will be discriminate. I do really love kids but just watch my body language so you can observe when I get uncomfortable. Sadly I died November 2015 but my owner, Tyler, and I shared a lifetime of joy together. I could tell he was proud that I grew up to be who I was. I would somehow know when he was upset and I would gently comfort him. He showed me he loved me and kept all my needs satisfied so I devoted myself to him. Rottweilers are a great breed so long as you are a good leader.

Good luck if you decide to get a dog like me. I'm quite a bit of work, but if you're up to the challenge I'll be your best friend forever.

 Zeke M. wrote:Rottweilers are good dogs if you start training and socialization early and stay consistent. Rottweilers will also sit in your lap, if you let them. Be prepared for somewhat painful but unintentional elbow digs.

Mary S. wrote: Depends on the size of your lap. Both my dogs love to sit (or attempt to sit as it were) in my lap. If that doesn’t work, laying on top of me comes next. Barring that, getting as close as canine possible and leaning up against me follows.

Rotties are very affectionate and will get / take attention from wherever they can get it.

Christine C. wrote: It’s more the personality of the dog. I used to have a Great Dane lap dog. That was a little tough sometimes but we managed. Currently, my pittie mixes love a chance to sit in your lap while relaxing in front of the TV or reading…they range in size from 60 to 100 lbs. But years ago the cranky old family dog preferred to sit by herself, in the same room but not touching anyone. She was only maybe 40 lbs.

Eric R wrote: No. Lapdogs are those dogs that can be bathed in the kitchen sink.

Rotties cannot be bathed in the kitchen sink, therefore, Rotties are not lap dogs.

Moral of the story - if you want to then go ahead! Be careful though if you have an older/smaller/younger/child come over, you don’t want them to get knocked over.

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