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Weave Freestanding Dog Gate

  • 9999
  • Save $ 3000

Freestanding pet dog gates are great for dog containment. Attractive powder coated finish is durable and looks great in your home interior. Metal indoor dog gates with freestanding portability offers you convenience. An attractive addition to your home. This stylish dog gate ensures your pet will stay confined to the area you designate. The Weave Dog Gate is designed as a stand alone barrier gate which you can get in 2, 4 or 6 panel configurations. The dog gate features square grills with a metal weave pattern at the bottom. This allows your pet to see beyond the gate, while you can keep an eye on him (or her). Your home is sure to be just how you left it. Perfect for keeping pets off of freshly mopped kitchen or away from the nursery.

  • Small - two 21w" x 24"H panels 
  • Sturdy Wrought Iron Design
  • Durable Powder Coated Finish
  • Add sections for wider areas  (gates link together)
  • One set covers about 40" wide area
  • Decorative bottom design keeps smallest of dogs behind barrer
  • Optional swing door

    Optional Swing Door adds about 22" to width

    • 21" x 24" tall - 1 panel  

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