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Microfiber Vehicle Seat Pet Cover

Microfiber Vehicle Seat Pet Cover

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Velvety Microfiber Vehicle Seat Covers

Our quilted micro velvet cover and sporty faux leather accents provide the ultimate combination of style, comfort and functionality! Plush micro-velvet fabrics repel pet hair and spills. The entire cover is quilted with High Memory polyester fibre. Our unique design creates a secure fit for a wide range of vehicle types and seat sizes. To secure the back of the protector, attach the two adjustable nylon straps/clips around the rear headrests. Place the foam anchors located by the seat belt openings between the back of the seat and bottom seating area to prevent cover from slipping and sliding.

Optionally use included metal hooks located on the sides and front of the protector to secure to bottom of seat.


  • Rear Seat 26"x54" 
  • Front Seat 18"x54" 
  • Plush microvelvet fabrics repel pet hair and spills.
  • Attractive detailing with faux leather accents

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