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Stay Put Uni-Wire Dog Feeder

Stay Put Uni-Wire Dog Feeder

  • 2400

The affordable attractive way to elevate your dogs eating position. The Stay Put Uniwire Diner combines a stylish design with true functionality. All feeders come with two removable stainless steel bowls. Multiple sizes to suit most any dog. The  minimalist design of the uniwire raised feeder has clean lines and a modern look. The legs flair out at the bottom for stability.

Formed from continuously shaped heavier gauge wire, there are no weak tack welds that are prone to cracking and corrosion. There are no legs to get bent so the Uniwire will always stand true and level.


  • Heavy plastic coating prevents the Diner from skidding on smooth surfaces. 
  • High quality stainless steel bowls. 
  • Promotes a more comfortable feeding posture for older dogs with hip & back problems. 
  • Raised feeding promotes healthy digestion-Stops gulping-reducing bloat & gas.
  • Extra Small 4 inches tall with 2- 1 pint bowls 
  • Small  5 inches tall  2- 1 quart bowls
  • Medium 7 inches tall 2- 2 quart bowls
  • Large 10 inches tall  2- 3 quart bowls

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