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Skull Girl Dog Harness -Comfort Mesh design

Skull Girl Mesh Dog Harness

  • 2000

Soft Mesh Emblem Harness -Skull Girl Design

Comfy and safe soft mesh dog harness offers added control and convenience for your and comfort for your large or small dog. to attach the harness simply slip over the head" design and attaches only once under the belly. There is a leash attachment on the back for walking. They contain a layer of padding on the chest for extra comfort while walking.

    Fitting the harness

    • An ideal fit will allow enough room for 1-2 fingers under the strap.
    • The harness should fit snug against the body.
    • It’s better to be on the last hole, than to have a loose fitting harness.

    Sizes for Soft Mesh Emblem  HARNESS 


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