Plaid Pet Furniture Protector Blanket

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Plaid Reversible Faux Fur Blanket

luxurious, lovingly hand sewn pet blanket is an excellent furniture protector to keep part hair and dirt off of your fine furniture and your clothes. Reversible ultra-soft fleece sofa cover / blanket provides comfort for you and your pet while providing a pet hair barrier to catch dirt and hair  Bring along this blanket on trips. The familiar smell of home can comfort your dog and reduce anxiety and stress.

Color: Red Paid on one side, Faux fur on the other


  • Itty Bitty Blanket- 20" x 20"- no ruffle
    Big Baby Blanket- 24" x 24" -no ruffle
    Half Blanket- 30" x 36"- w/ ruffle
    Full Blanket- 36" x 60"- w/ ruffle
    Jumbo Blanket- 60" x 72"- w/ ruffle


  • Machine washable 
  • Made in the USA.
  • Hand sewn with attention to detail
  • Each blanket is handmade and sizes may vary slightly.

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Red Plaid Faux Fur Pet Hair Barrier Blanket