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Plaid Dog Collar-Matingale

Plaid Martingale Dog Collar

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Plaid No Choke Greyhound Style Collar

These Cute Woven Martingale collars are use to help train your dog to walk properly without pulling. 

  • Solid Brass Hardware

 Advantages of Martingale Collars

Martingale Collars fit loosely around the dog, preventing skin irritation. They also make training more comfortable for dogs because they do not tighten to the degree that choke collars do, and in addition, they do not tighten around the trachea because they remain high on the dog's neck when the dog pulls at the lead. When the collar does tighten, your dog is likely to slow the pace or stop. More slack on the lead should loosen the collar again, and with enough practice, your dog should gain a sense of when it begins to pull the lead too hard. This should help your dog to maintain a pace that better agrees with your own.



The d-ring that connects to the lead can catch onto something, causing the collar to choke a dog if no one is available to release the tension. For this reason, you should remove the collar if you put your dog in a crate. You can keep the collar on when your dog wanders around the house. 

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