Coral Personalized Dog Dining Mat

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Personalize this coral and teal dog food mat that prevents spills from reaching your floors, while also incorporating some cute decor to your dog’s eating area!

This dog bowl mat, fabricated from polyester, proudly displays your customized design on its top, while its bottom includes a non-slip rubber. This feature allows it to remain firmly in place, even when your dog spills his/her water. Pet food dining mat has room for both a food and water bowl. Though specified for dogs’ use, these mats are also a splendid option for cats.

For your convenience, these mats are machine washable. We recommend that you wash it on a gentle cycle, alongside items of a similar color. For a quicker clean, simply wipe down or shake out.

Customize this pet dining mat with your pet's name. No more messy floor, no more bowl moving around while your dog eats. 

Size: 10 x 16 inches

Material: Polyester

    Coral Personalized Dog Dining Mat