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EcoFlex Santa Fe Coposite Dog House with Porch -brown Trim

Outdoor Dog House with Front Porch

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Dog House w Porch

This beautiful Dog House with front sun porch can keep your pet comfy ,dry and warm  while also having the option of enjoying the front deck for relaxing on more mild days. Having a porch may also keep the paws a little cleaner too! House is made from an earth-conscious material utilizing reclaimed materials and wood bonded together for durability that exceeds natural woods. This doggie abode can be stained or painted like a wood dog house. With a high wood content, the houses look like and in many ways, are like wood. The big difference comes in that unlike wood, they are weatherproof, moisture proof, rot proof and insect proof. 

  • 10-year Mfr. Warranty!
  • Tight, Solid construction provides a dog house that is insulated from the harsh winter elements
  • Better than wood, better than plastic, the best of both with ecoFLEX composite.
  • Elevated Legs keeps the  house off the cold, damp ground.
  • Step in design offers a barrier from pooling water outside during hard rains.
  • Doghouse size selection

    • Exterior  59"w x 42"d x 30h" w deck
    • Interior  37"w x 23"d x 25"h
    • Door Size  18"tall  x 14" wide
    Additional Details
    ecoFLEX™:A blend of recycled polymers and wood byproducts, ecoFLEX is the best of both.ecoFLEX is made by: reducing clean, recycled polymers and reclaimed wood by products from the manufacture of hardwood furniture frames– materials that normally would be burned or dumped into a landfill is used to make a stronger than wood material.The material is mixed with pet-safe UV inhibitors and color blending compounds and used to mold the parts that are used to make an ecoFLEX based product.The recycled polymers used are primarily sourced from post manufacturing scrap. The wood component is predominantly Poplar, a hardwood.

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