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Max & Ruffy's Organic Treats

Max and Ruffy's Organic Treats

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Max & Ruffy's 100% organic human-grade ingredient dog treats are made from scratch in Rockville, MD. Commitment to quality and purity insures a safe delicious treat for your pet.

These are the Medium size treats for medium and large dogs. 5 ounce mini bites treat pouch.

Five-Star Blueberry (Grain Free) - Wildly healthy, antioxidant rich, and delicious blueberries, creamy, smooth extra-virgin coconut oil and a hint of ginger make this a tantalizing treat that dogs love.

Powerhouse - Sweet Potato & Alfalfa (Grain Free) – These savory treats combine two nutritional powerhouses, sun-cured alfalfa and creamy, sweet potatoes. Dogs love the irresistible flavor of this mouth-watering, fiber, and nutrient rich treat.

The Kelp Highway - Butternut Squash & Kelp (Grain Free) - Succulent butternut squash seasoned with nutrient rich kelp will peak the sensation of your dog’s palette. Feel good in knowing that our kelp is sourced from clean, pristine, and protected oceans.

Tree of Life: Coconut, Molasses & Flax flavor (Grain Free) - We've masterfully blended rich coconut with molasses and flax to bring your pooch a treat packed full of pure goodness. The Tree of Life ingredients are each nkown for their nutritional and health benefits; the combination of them is undeniably delicious! Wholesome goodness in every bite!

Mother Quinoa's Pumpkin Patch (Gluten & Wheat Free) - This flavorful, wheat-free recipe blends rich, nutritious pumpkin with the perfect complement of spices. Irresistibly delicious, this treat is easily digestible and a favorite to many dogs.

W.P. Pizza (Grain Free) - With your dog’s health and snacking pleasure in mind, we blended antioxidant-rich tomato paste with parsley, oregano, and garlic to pack this treat fill of Italian zest. Baked to perfection, these treats have attained pizza divinity!

327 B.C. : Banana & Coconut (Grain Free) - Give dogs a taste of the tropics! Smooth, creamy banana blended with nutrient-rich coconut creates a tropical sensation that will leave dogs begging for more. Wholesome goodness in every bite!

  • Made with 100% organic ingredients
  • USDA Certified Organic 
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • 100% natural - no additives, no artificial coloring, no flavor enhancer and no preservatives

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