Next Gen Pet Dog Cot -Red

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 Elevated Pet Dog Cot 

Have you noticed your dog wanting to rest in the grass or even dirt or mud on hot days? Your dog is just trying to keep cool Providing an elevated bed may be the solution. A raised dog cot allows added air flow from underneath to provide some cooling. A raised outdoor bed also has the benefit of keeping your pet a little cleaner. so whats not to love?

 Color Red

  • Folding outdoor dog cot is perfect for travel or storage.
  • Mesh allows air ventilation and rain to drain rather than pooling
  • Keeps your pet off of the ground and away from heat, cold & bugs
  • Great for the deck, beach, backyard or camping
  • Completely assembled, unfold legs & it's ready to go
  • medium  30 wide x 21 deep x 8 high; For pets up to 60 lbs.
  • large  36 wide x 22 deep x 8 high; For pets up to 90 lbs.

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Red Outdoor pet Cot - Gen7-for pets