Large Dog Seat Back Barrier

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 We know what it’s like to drive while trying to fend off a drooling tongue or whole furry body for that matter. This Large Mesh Front Seat Pet Barrier keeps small and large dogs from “inviting” themselves into the front seat area by blocking the space between the front seat and console.


  • Extra large size discourages even the largest dogs
  • Protects distracted driving and passengers
  • Versatile and simple to install and remove
  • Framed design will not become tangled like net barriers
  • Protects dog from launching into the front during quick stops
  • Front seat stays clean of dog hair
  • Universal fit for most vehicles 
  • Mesh design provides a drool barrier
  • Mesh is better! Net barrier can easily be defeated and can allow dogs paws, leg to get caught. 


The patent pending design uses a see-through micro-mesh material which is guaranteed claw-proof. A pop-up wire frame keeps the net from sagging and makes it a snap to install/uninstall. The adjustable suspension system allows the Front Seat Net Pet Barrier to fit all vehicles with headrests, from sedans to full-size pickups and SUVs. Installs in about one minute and includes handy storage pouch. Warranted for one year against materials and workmanship.

Most importantly, this barrier helps to keep you distraction free while driving, and keeps your pup safely out of the front of the car.

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      Large Dog Seat Back Barrier
      Large Dog Seat Back Barrier
      Large Dog Seat Back Barrier
      Large Dog Seat Back Barrier