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Lupine Club Line Medium Collars

Lupine Club Line Medium Collars

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These durable woven fabric collars and leads are machine washable and made from recycled plastics. The Collar fastener is rust proof and the leash features a padded handle and is a full 6' length. Choose one of 6 Fun and colorful designs of 2 -ply woven collars Every Lupine product features a chew-thru guarantee. 3/4" wide adjustable collar is the most versatile width and is appropriate for many of the more rugged small breeds such as Jack Russell and West Highland Terriers. It's also popular with owners of larger dogs, and those who prefer minimal collar mark.

 So what size collar does my dog need? Properly fitting attire is a must for everyone! For Collars, measuring around your pet’s neck and adding 10% for comfort is the general rule of thumb. For Harnesses, measuring their girth (just behind the elbows) and adding 10% will be the measurement your are looking for.

 The Rain Song Pattern

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