Large Dog No Pull Harness

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Perfect for use as a training tool, use a pull-and-RELEASE action, so that your pull turns the dog from the direction he’s going, towards you. Immediately, as he is redirected, release the pull, so the lead is slack. We have found that this tool works best with a 2’ or 4’ lead.

The No-Pull harness does not keep the dog from pulling. It helps you convey that pulling is much less rewarding than not pulling. You should see some improvement pretty quickly. The time it takes to change a behavior greatly depends on how consistent you are. Well-exercised dogs learn faster than dogs with too much pent-up energy, but all dogs can learn to walk politely. For very ‘reactive’ dogs, try practicing in the house where there are fewer distractions. Also, changing direction frequently keeps the dog thinking about you. Praise him for keeping up.

Harness adjusts for dogs with girth of 24 inches to 38 inches

Collar and Lead not included.

Plus, LUPINE® products are GUARANTEED (Even If Chewed)®. To determine correct size, measure dog tight around the rib cage, close to the elbow, then add 5% extra for comfort.

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