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Estate Scroll Pressure Mount Dog Gate

  • 15100
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This luxury dog gate is perfect for any home and sure to add a quality accent to any doorway. Premium quality gate is made with pride in America. Stylish dog gate will keep your dog in the room or hallway as desired. Keeps your pet safe and any "pet mess" limited to the area you designate. Decorative gate is sturdy and beautiful. Iron designer pet gate features no tool needed, pressure mount design. The classic scroll iron work made from heavy duty steel and wrought iron is sure to be the best choice for a dog gate for the home.

  • Dimensions:
    Doorway - 32" tall x 28"-34" 
    Hallway - 32" tall - 34"-40"

  • Space Between Bars  2 3/8"

  • Optional Gap Filler The GX1-Small gap filler is meant to fill the gap that might get too big for small dogs, if the gate is fully extended.  It is usable for both size gates.  
  • Matching Feeder

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