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Mini Bark Breaker

Mini Bark Breaker

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Amtek's NEW Mini Barker Breaker solves barking and other pet behavior problems quickly. Mini Barker Breaker is compact, portable and ready for use at home or away. Leading Pet behaviorists, Vets and many thousands of satisfied customers endorse barker breaker. Features include Sonic Emitter Technology, strobe and durable housing. Unlike ultrasonics which are ineffective, the Mini Barker Breaker obtains immediate safe results.

Amtek's Mini Barker Breaker operates just like the Barker Breaker, but has the convenience of its compact size and durable belt clip. Perfect for jogging and walking with your pet; also great for people traveling with their pets.

  • Press the button each tike you pet barks. They will learn not to bark after repeated use.
  • Emits a high audible pitched sound that automatically stops annoying barking and trains even your neighbors dog. Unlike ultrasonics which are ineffective and shock collars which are inhumane, the mini Barker Breaker obtains  safe results quickly.

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