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GPS Pet Tracking Device -Whistle by Tagg

GPS Pet Tracker sends alerts

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Don't Let Your Pet Become a Statistic

“More than 10 million pets are lost each year”- ASPCA. A microchip is simply NOT enough. Tagg Whistle gives you the power of GPS to locate your pet at any time. A microchip does not alert you if your pet is lost, or show you their location, but Tagg does. A microchip requires your pet to be brought to a facility for scanning and will likely cost you a recovery fee. Tagg Whistle keeps America's pets safe by actively monitoring their safety more than a million times a day. 

Free Award-Winning Pet Mobile App

The Tagg Whistle GPS Dog Tracker App for iPhone and Android smartphones is a convenient way to stay in touch with your pet. Receive alerts, find your pet on a map, and get driving directions to their current location. The free Tagg App also allows you to monitor your pet’s health by tracking their daily activity levels. You can even find pet-friendly places nearby like vets, dog parks, and pet stores.

Activity Tracking Feature

With Activity Tracking, learn how active your pet is and be proactive about their health and exercise. Vets recommend that dogs get 30-60 minutes of exercise per day. Track your dog's daily activities in one simple view. Set goals and compare your pet's day-to-day activity levels. Spot long-term changes and trends in activity levels. Share this activity data with your vet and make educated decisions about your pet's health.

  • Designate customized safe area to allow you to track their location from your smartphone.
  • Pet Tracker Sends Text Alerts When Your Pet Dog Gets Out
  • View and Track Daily Exercise Levels to Ensure a Healthy Happy Pet    
  • Let your dog splash around  Tagg is waterproof !
  • Receive Alerts When Your Dog Gets Out      
  • Interactive Map - Directions to Your Pet
  • Whistle GPS Pet Tracker attaches to any collar or harness up to 2'' wide.
  • Service plan is required -Using a cellular network is required for the Tagg system to provide location tracking.
  • Monthly service cost / ($7.95/month over 12 months) / 2-years ($6.95/month over 24 months).
  • Rechargeable battery. Tagg can last up to 30 days and recharge in one hour.

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