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martingale extra wide dog collar -leather

Extra Wide Martingale Leather Dog Collar

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Extra Wide large Dog Martingale Leather Collar

Our big dog adjustable martingale collar has a lot of features great for the bigger dogs out there. We start with nice and thick whole grain leather, add strong rivets and adhesive along with grommets for the buckle prong holes to help prevent stretching and deformation. Includes a half-check chain with welded D and O-rings, double cap rivets for strength, multiple attachment points for tags or lights and a great looking roller buckle. The collar opens fully to adjust, so you do not need to worry about how thick your dog's head is when ordering.

Available in brown, matte black and natural(light brown-biege).

Sizes: all collar 1.4 inches wide

· Medium: 14”-18”

· M/L: 16"-20",

· Large: 18”-22”

· L/XL: 20-24”

· XLarge: 22"-26”

· XXL: 24"-28”

· XXLarge: 22”-26”

  • Finely crafted natural collar is both strong and durable
  • Sizes are from buckle to center hole.
  • It is advised to get the dog's exact neck size and order based on an accurate measurement.
  • Important Sizing Information. Our martingale collar sizes are measured at its largest -- i.e. when the collar is relaxed. The collar will shorten by 3" when pulled taut.

 Use a cloth measuring tape and measure around where your dog normally wears their collar (no slack, and be careful not to choke them). Don't have a cloth measuring tape? Use a string and then measure it with a ruler.


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