Jumbo "Better Than Wood" Dog Home

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Jumbo 10 Year Dog House w/ Free Shipping

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You can feel good about this earth friendly outdoor dog house and you will never need to paint it or stain it, of course you can if you wish but the color is durable and solid throughout and will not warp crack or fade. With a high wood content, the houses look like and in many ways, are like wood. The big difference comes in that unlike wood, they are weatherproof, moisture proof, rot proof and insect proof.  Your dog's new home is made from  ECOFLEX. A truly "Green" DogHouse that will look great and last for years!

  • Easy 15-minute assembly that requires no tools
  • Color - Tan
  • Weatherproof, moisture proof, rot proof and insect proof.
  • Flat roof and side door lodge are ideal for pets that prefer to rest away from the door 
  • Made with extremely durable ecoFLEX dog house material that will last for years
  • A helpful assembly video is included
  • 10-year Mfr. Warranty! 
  • Elevated from the ground, step in design.
  • Selecting The Right Size House


  • Extra Large Exterior Dimensions: 46" H x 39" W x 37" D 
  • doorway 11"   x 19"
  • Capacity: Suitable for dogs to 200 pounds
Additional Details  
ecoFLEX™:A blend of recycled polymers and wood byproducts, ecoFLEX exhibits the best characteristics of the polymers and wood that forms the basis for the material.
ecoFLEX is made by: reducing clean, recycled polymers and reclaimed wood by products from the manufacture of hardwood furniture frames– materials that normally would be burned or dumped into a landfill – into a flour like consistency.The material is mixed with UV inhibitors and color blending compounds and granulated into a form that is used to mold the parts that are used to make an ecoFLEX based product.The recycled polymers used are primarily sourced from post industrial scrap. A variety of polymers are used including PVC, ABS, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and others.The wood is predominantly Poplar, a hardwood.
Jumbo "Better Than Wood" Dog Home
Jumbo "Better Than Wood" Dog Home
Jumbo "Better Than Wood" Dog Home
Jumbo "Better Than Wood" Dog Home
Jumbo "Better Than Wood" Dog Home
Jumbo "Better Than Wood" Dog Home
Jumbo "Better Than Wood" Dog Home
Jumbo "Better Than Wood" Dog Home