Adjustable Pet Bowls with Splash Shield

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Elevated dog feeders are a healthy feeding system. They encourage better digestion and easier swallowing which is especially helpful for dogs with medical conditions like mega-esophagus. For older or arthritic dogs, elevated bowls make feeding more comfortable because a raised level eating position puts less pressure on the neck, back and joints.

  • Unique splash shield design reduces mess
  • Better posture, especially with older pets
  • Better digestion-food moves from mouth to stomach quicker and easier
  • Less stress on the pasterns (canine forearm/wrist area).
  • Less "leaning". Relives stress on hips and shoulder.
  • Feeder Height Guide


    • Large (23¼"x 11¾"x 23½") height adj to approx. 18 bowl height
    Adjustable height dog bowls with splash guard