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Beef Tripe Dog Food Additive / Snack

Beef Tripe Dog Food Additive / Snack

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Beef Tripe Treats 

  • Freeze Dried beef tripe treats for dogs is a special treat your dog will love. Vita Essentials tripe is made from 100% fresh green tripe. In the wild, dogs are carnivorous predators and instinctively eat fresh raw meat, meaty bones and essential whole organs meats that naturally provide the vital balance of nutrients they need to thrive.
Uses: Add to your dogs regular food to boost nutrition and enhance flavor
           Use as a special treat or reward.
  • Sourced and made in USA 
  • All Natural, healthy morsel deliver a tasty reward.
  • Naturally low in Fat
  • No Wheat Gluten/ No Grains /No Artificial Colors or Flavor
A Raw Diet for Dogs Promotes:
  • Weight control
  • Thick glossy coats
  • Healthy digestive system
  • Firm muscles, strong bones
  • White teeth, healthy gums
  • high energy
Size: 5 ounce

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