Country Barn House

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The Country Barn Wooden DogHouse is an affordable country style pet home designed to provide dog shelter while enhancing your homes outside decor. Your new pet barn dog house is simple to assemble and constructed from natural white cedar. Your dog house arrives in a few pre-assembled panels  with how to build plans. In no time, your dog will have a place to rest after a full day of chasing tennis balls around the yard (or cats around the house).

Choosing a Size:  Weight is the easiest factor in determining the appropriate dog house size, but factors such as breed traits and personality may also be factors. In general, dogs prefer domains that are slightly larger than their body and just large enough to lay down and turn around comfortably.


  • Easy Assembly Fir Construction 
  • Lightweight and Durable 
  • Solid Wood Raised Floor
  • Naturally Weather-Resistant and Insulated
  • Decorative latching barn door
  • Asphalt roof 
  • Sheet lined inner-roof
  • DogHouse Sizing
  • Small House Dimensions
          - External: 25.5W x 27.75D x 27.5H inches (includes roof overhang)
          - Internal: 21W x 19D x 23H inches
          - Door Opening: 9.5W x 11.25H inches
  • Medium House Dimensions
          External: 30W x 34D x 31.5H inches
          Internal: 24.75W x 27D x 26.5H inches
          Door Opening: 12W x 15.5H inches
  • Large House Dimensions
  •       External: 30.25W x 34.5D x 32.5H inches
           Internal: 26.25W x 31.5D x 29H inches
          Door Opening: 11.75W x 15.5H inches
Country Barn Dog House with latching door