Natural Bamboo Dog Feeder

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Pet dining has never been so elegant! Finally your pet can dine in style with this quality wood veneer feeder featuring heavy weight bowls. Simple, clean lines create a contemporary, refined look. .

  • Rubberwood Natural Bamboo Feeders enhanced by our soothing neutral finishes
  • Includes white, lead-free and dishwasher safe, ceramic bowls in 3 sizes.
  • Wood finish is water repellent and easily wipes clean.
  • All stands have anti-slip cushioned feet.
  • See the single bowl
  • Height Guide
Bowl sizes
  • XS. -3/4 cup
  • Sm.- 1 cup
  • Med.  3.75 cups
  • Lg.  8.75 cups

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Natural Bamboo Dog Feeder
Feeder Height Guide
Natural Bamboo Dog Feeder
Feeder Height Guide