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Adjustable Raised bowl Steel Pet Diner

Adjustable Height 1.5 Quart Dog Diner

  • 3599

This elevated feeder feature two stainless 1.5 quart bowls. Perfect for growing puppies or older dogs who need a more comfortable dining position.   Easy-to-turn knob adjusts from 4" up to 15" tall.  H-Base design for superior stability. Locking bracket holds dishes in place. Veterinarians recommend raised feeders for large, senior dogs and dogs with hip or back problems. 


  • Stainless Steel bowls - Each bowl holds 1.5 quarts
  • H-Base design for stability.
  • Locking bracket holds dishes in place. 
  • Stand Color: Black


  • Fully Adjustable Height Diner - 4 inches to 15 inches tall
  • Width including the bowls is approx 19" wide x 10" deep 

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