Mink Brown Dog Blanket

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Brown Mink Pet Snuggle Blanket. What dog (or human) wouldn't want to snuggle with one of thee super soft luxurious snuggle blankets?  With softness to the touch our blankets will have you snuggle during a long day or for a Netflix night!
  • Machine washable.
  • Reversible 2 color design
  • Familiar smells impart comfort ease anxiety
  • Can be used in car, crate or home


  • Small: 25" x 25"
  • Medium: 37" x 29"
  • Large   57" x 38"
Exotic Fur Brown/Gold and Camel Shag Blanket will indulge your dog. We put a lot of love into each and every single one of our blankets to make sure your pets enjoy nap or snuggle time. 

Made with the highest quality ultra-soft machine washable fabrics. 


    Mink Brown Dog Blanket
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