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Pet Feeding Supplies

Pet feeding supplies can be more than just a basic food bowl and water bowl. Shop for elegant raised dog bowls, drip catching pet feeding mat or elevated two bowl diners. So where can you store dog food and treats? How about a decorative counter top ceramic dog treat cookie jar? Don't struggle with that ripped bag of dog food. Use an airtight food storage container and make like easier.

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What are the advantages of an Elevated Dog Feeder?
Elevated dog diners can be more comfortable for large breed or elderly dogs.
Your dog will not need to bend far down to eat. Some experts even feel a raised feeder may improve digestion and
reduce gulping of food which can cause gas and bloat. An elevated dog bowl also makes it a shorter distance
to bend down which may help the handicapped or elderly owner.

Are there advantages to Ceramic Dog Bowls?
Typically a ceramic dog bowl is heavier and can prevent the bowl from moving as the dog eats.
Also, a ceramic dog bowl is much more difficult for your dog to pick up and move.

Do I really need a Pet Placemats?
well, no but A dog dining mat can make clean up a little easier by containing the crumb from messy eaters.
A placemat keeps pet bowls from moving and some dog placemats even soak up occasions spills to protect your floor.

What can I do to keep my pet dog's water bowl always full?
Automatic water bowls are self-filling to keep water always ready for your pet. These auto filling dog water bowls are great for indoor or outdoor use.
Auto food dispensing bowls allow you the convenience of not having to fill the dog bowl every day.
Water fountains may attract your pet to drink water to stay hydrated.

Are there travel storage containers for dog food and water?
A travel dog bowl can be a convenient accessory for those who travel with their pets.
A water bowl with a cover or a no spill bowl can be used in a vehicle
to prevent spilled water. Folding compact fabric and silicone bowls
are compact enough to put in your pocket- perfect for hiking.

it there a way to make large dog food bags easier to manage?
Large Dry dog food bags can be heavy, cumbersome and rip easily. Using a Pet food storage container for your dog food can keep food fresher longer and prevent a spilled bag of food.  



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