Spotted Lantern Fly Tree Wrap

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 Giant Lantern Fly Tree Wrap

 Professional Strength Giant Fly Trap Roll is ideal for trapping lantern flies as the young hoppers make their way up into trees to grow into adults. It is important to trap them before they grow into adults now and lay eggs. Simply wrap giant flytrap around your tree. Extremely effective as a tree wrap or anywhere with high fly infestation areas.

Use tree banding where you see SLF feeding on trees or observe SLF crawling up the trees. Banding is generally not effective on bushes or most vines because they don’t have a large enough diameter for the banding tape. Place the bands about 4 feet from the ground and tightly secured against the tree. Gaps below the band allow the SLF to crawl under the band and avoid being trapped. Secure bands by wrapping the material tightly, stapling it into the tree, or using pushpins. We suggest banding infested trees as soon as SLF hatches (spring -mid summer). While adult SLF can be captured by sticky bands, they are less likely to be trapped by some bands or they may avoid them altogether.

Most effective to trap them before they grow into adults before they lay eggs. 

Depending on climate, spring thru early summer is best.


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Spotted lantern Fly tree Wrap
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