Travel Dog Seat /Carrier

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 This Dog Car Seat Carrier Features a Zippered Mesh Sunroof on the top. Yo also get a Front Nylon Velcro Pouch along with a Dual Sided Nylon Pouch and a Mesh Bottle Holder. Both sides of this Pet Car Seat Feature Buckles that allow you to connect it to any Nylon Car Seat straps. They securely wrap around for added safety and support. Vehicle friendly pet carrier features a Built-In Leash or Harness Holder to prevent pets from jumping out.

Furthermore you can easily Collapse and Fold it to 2 inches narrow via the Collapsible PVC inner bars and store it properly when not in use. These car seats are extremely essential as they help in decreasing any and all car related injuries that may occur. 

Color: Khaki

  • Decrease chance of dangerous driving distractions
  • Front Velcro Pouch and Side Velcro Pouch with Built-In Mesh Bottle Holder
  • Sturdy Collapsible PVC Frame, Collapses to 3 Inches thin
  • Panoramic Zippered Mesh Sunroof
  • Nylon Carry Handle and Over-The-Shoulder Straps
  • Safety Clip-On that Fastens Securely to the Back of the Seat
  • High-Grade Tough Nylon Fabrics


  • Small 12 Pound Capacity  16"L x 13"W x 12"H  
Khaki dog seat car carrier
Olive Car Seat / Travel Carrier
Khaki dog seat car carrier
Olive Car Seat / Travel Carrier
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