Tall and Wide Dog Gate with Door - Black

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This indoor pet gate is a generous 40" tall and comes in a durable powder coated finish. Maximum of one extension can be added to each side. Easy to install pressure mounting saves time and no drilling or screwing into your home's wood trim or wall. Swing gate opens in either direction and swings closed automatically. Gate is held in doorways or between walls with pressure mount design using thick rubber pads that press against the sides.

Note: Gate must be place in the middle if using 2 extensions.

  • Order Guide
  • What to order for what widths
    • Gate Alone adjusts  from  38" to 42.5" wide 
    • Gate +3.5" extension for widths between 42.5- 45.5"
    • Gate +7" extension for widths between  45.5"-49" 
    • Gate +10.5" extension for widths between 49-52.5" 
    • Gate + two 7"extensions (for centered gate) 52.5-56"
    • Gate +10.5 plus 7"extension for widths between 56-59.5" 
    • Gate +10.5 plus 10.5 ext for 63.5 to 66.5
    • USE Gate alone or combine Gate with 1 or 2 extensions  -One extension per side


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Tall and Wide Pressure Mount Pet Gate
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