Modern Adjustable Raised Feeder

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The Ergo Dog Feeder

This designer quality feeder will raise your dog's bowls and doggie style to new heights with the added benefit of adjustabilty!

The Ergo Feeder is individually handcrafted one by one with combination of 3-D printed material, CNC cut and laser cut metal.  Hand finish with routed corners and individually baked painted.
This specially Ergonomic design with toothless T-Slot system and its matching bowl holders will allow the modern dogs and cats to enjoy their dishes at their convenient height. The Bowl holder can be easily adjusted from 3” up to 8" secured by its Aluminum thumb screw. 

• Ergonomically designed
 The stainless bowls are removable and dishwasher safe.
• Anti slip rubber feet on it's base.
Heavy and Solid steel base is not easily be tipped over.
• Individually Machined, 3D Additive Manufacturing and Hand finished.
Hand crafted in USA
• Material: Stainless Steel, HDPE, Aluminum. 
• Color: White

Size: Medium 13.5”L x 8.5”W x 3”H

Bowls:  5” (18cm) diameter - volume = 2 US cups

 Veterinarians recommend raised feeders for large, senior dogs and dogs with hip or back problems.

Ergo 2 quart dog feeder
Modern Adjustable Raised Feeder
Ergo 2 quart dog feeder
Modern Adjustable Raised Feeder
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