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Martingale Training Collars for Dogs

Martingale dog collars offer you greater control of your pet and help train the dog to walk properly. A martingale collar, sometimes called a greyhound collar, gently tightens around the neck if your dog pulls too hard or attempts to back out of the collar. A safer alternative to an uncomfortable metal chain choke collar. 

Martingale Collars have a number of advantages over traditional collars. First, they generally fit loosely around the dog, preventing skin irritation. They also make training more comfortable for dogs because they do not tighten to the degree that choke collars do, and in addition, they do not tighten around the trachea because they remain high on the dog's neck when the dog pulls at the lead. To train your dog not to pull on the lead while walking, start by fitting the martingale collar high on the neck. More slack on the lead should loosen the collar again, and with enough practice, your dog should gain a sense of when it begins to pull the lead too hard. This should help your dog to maintain a pace that better agrees with your own.

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