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Ruff Haus Wood Dog Crate

Ruff Haus Designer Furniture Dog Crate

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Ruff Ruff Dog Crate Furniture is the ideal solution to save space and hide the dog crate at the same time. Thoughtful design adds beauty and warmth to any livingroom or bedroom. Attractive dog crate design disguised as end table or bedside table. The Ruff Haus furniture dog crate table is constructed from 100% sustainable wood with wire side panels for optimal air flow. You will be drawn to the beauty of the furniture crate in your home, your dog will be drawn in to take a nap!

  • Smooth wood finished with multiple coats of finishto seal and protect
  • Antique Brass Hardware
  • Finish is non-toxic and PET SAFE
  • 1 year warranty
  • Certified Non-toxic finish
  • Crate Training Tips

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Solidly built, with a thick wood floor and top, the light mahogany wood blends in with almost any décor. Unlike other dens that are simply a wire crate with a wood cover, This designer crate has thicker wire mesh that is bolted to the inner wood frame, making the den extremely sturdy and durable.

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